Parent Testimonials

Parent Governor Testimonial

For the last 6 years I have been both a parent and governor of Dean Field school and have been fortunate enough to be part of the school’s transition into becoming a member of the Family of Learning Trust.

Since this transition, our school has flourished. The links we have developed with Beech Hill now give children opportunity to access new resources, develop new friendships and allow our children to be part of a larger multi-cultural community which has been greatly welcomed to help broaden experiences.

The trust has given us the professional expertise to open doors to funding for much needed new equipment which has enabled the children to experience new technologies that simply weren’t available previously.

Communication between home and school has significantly improved now by simply implementing the Seesaw app, and as a parent feel I now have a window into my children’s daily learning. This small change has had such a positive impact on the school where parents now feel they have a voice.

Deanfield is now more openly transparent and approachable. As a governor I have seen great improvements in data and results over the last 3 years, there are solid building blocks in place to help children achieve.  I genuinely feel I can now positively challenge the school and have confidence in the head teacher who has proven to be a fantastic asset.

The School Improvement Plan is now realistic and achievable with clear goals visible. New strategies in teaching have proven successful, staff are supported well and their own wellbeing is one of the priorities of the school which is something never considered previously.

Being a member of the family of learning trust,  Deanfield is now supported and encouraged and it has truly transformed our school for the better


Quotes from Parents

“My children all enjoy being at Dean Field school. It is a safe environment where they are well cared for, which enables them to thrive in their learning. The teachers and staff go above and beyond for our children. I would happily recommend this school to other parents as an excellent place for kids to learn and grow.”

“Dean Field is a very welcoming school and the changes made by the current leadership make parents feel part of the school. My child is happy and is progressing with intervention when needed. I can message his teacher who is always happy to answer questions and regularly communicates what they are learning about along with examples of work. The behaviour policy in place clearly works as they get regular recognition and half term treats. I am looking forward to my younger child joining Dean Field next year.”

Dean Field staff have been amazing in supporting everyone in the community during the pandemic. Communication, guidance and support has been daily. This was even extended during school holidays, making sure children were accessing education, food, care and that they were emotionally ok too. The school have a nurturing approach with the children and this is communicated daily. My little girl enjoys going to school. Behaviour is excellent, therefore children are able to access variety of lessons and can access the different learning styles delivered. She talks about what she’s learned and is confident in herself as a person. As a parent/carer I feel there are no barriers if or when I need to approach school, regardless if it is a trivial thing or a sensitive issue. I feel valued and listened to. The staff work together as a team and it shows when in school, all staff appear willing and happy to be there and at present with the current situation do many roles that probably isn’t in their job description. I am extremely happy with the school and great thanks to the school leaders!”

“Dean Field school is a fantastic school and my children are thriving there. The changes introduced and implemented by the trust have made a massive difference. The head teacher and staff are all very supportive, not only to the pupils but also to the parents too. Through the pandemic the school have been very informative with making parents feel like school is a safe environment.”


“As the end of the Academic year draws closer, I wish to record my appreciation of all the hard work from the staff at Beech Hill. 

It has been a difficult 4 months for us all, and definitely not the way any of us had envisaged, but we have overcome this by being part of such a supportive cohort of staff. The dedication, care and support throughout these difficult times has been phenomenal. You have such an amazing, talented and dedicated team of staff who have supported my children throughout the year, in particular with the home learning. I will be the first to admit how difficult it has been to home school my children and keep on top of their learning but without the support of the staff this would have been impossible. The telephone calls, the Seesaw messages, The Zoom Goodbyes and Welcomes have made this experience real. I was immensely proud to receive my children’s exceptional reports. Those reports reflected the level of care and support received from your staff which in turn, are a credit to the staff themselves and the school.”


“I am the father of a year 4 child in Beech Hill Primary school. She joined the school in year 1 – last term. There has been visible growth in confidence, communication skills and her study. The staff and teachers are really nice and they work with you if you have problems. As a single parent, I very often require cover for before school and afterschool clubs and school has provided me resolution on those issues. Even in this Covid-19 pandemic school support has been great. Excellent school and my daughter excels at this school.”