The Family of Learning Trust is committed to providing a healthy working environment and improving the quality of working lives for all staff and parents. The wellbeing strategy aims to support the Trust’s vision and recognises that the Trust’s staff are its greatest asset.

Through the integration of wellbeing in all work activities and practices, a positive environment is created that promotes staff engagement, performance and achievement.  The wellbeing strategy of the Trust is intended to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of Trust staff and to prevent work associated ill health, for the overall benefit of staff, pupils and the communities we serve.  It encompasses the physical, mental and the social health of employees.

The Trust has invested in an external Employee Assistance Programme, delivered through Health Assured to enable employees to quickly access support with numerous matters from financial concerns to mental health issues.  In addition there are initiatives at each school where demand and concerns are identified through the wellbeing working groups, these range from the training and appointment of mental health first aiders to yoga groups and recognition schemes.

Coronavirus and mental wellbeing

The coronavirus pandemic a difficult and ever changing situation for all of us to deal with.  School leaders, staff, parents, carers and family members in the community are all being affected by the pandemic.  Whilst we focus on the pandemic as a physical health and safety issue there is also a very clear mental health challenge linked to what we’re all experiencing. It’s completely normal to feel anxious in response to the current unprecedented circumstances and we need to openly acknowledge this and do what we can to support ourselves and others in the weeks and months ahead.

Below you will find a list of resources and guidance which may help you at this time:

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