The Family of Learning Trust is a newly established and developing MAT serving Calderdale and Bradford.

The Trust is committed to a local approach, unlike some other large academy chains. It believes in “local solutions for local people”, with school improvement work being focused on a true understanding of the community the school serves and the community itself. Therefore, to enable this close working practice, all of the schools in the MAT are within a 30 minute driving distance ensuring that there can be close contact and a personalised approach to leadership and school development.

The lead school, Beech Hill has supported a number of schools over recent years. It benefits from a number of Specialist Leaders of Education delivering School to School support. Previously the school led on the School Direct Programme, training students to become teachers. Beech Hill School converted to academy status in 2011, and has subsequently developed its central services to ensure it was in strong position to convert into a Multi-academy trust after building partnerships with other schools.

Beech Hill School has a solid history of improving performance.   We  have developed strong networks and partnerships with many other organisations; we have a large and experienced senior team and governing body with many areas of expertise including  SEND , Teaching and Learning, Curriculum, HR, Inclusion and Finance. We have the capacity and expertise to make a significant impact on improving opportunities for pupils through raising attainment and improving the teaching and learning experiences in other school.

School improvement is a key driver for the Trust and we are committed to working with schools to bring about positive change.

Our Vision Statement
At the Family of Learning Trust, we believe that every child matters. There is driving determination to ensure that pupils and adults in the school reach their full potential. Our ethos is a simple one ‘Learning without Limits’

The Arts play a key role in giving every child a vital channel for self-expression, and we provide a wealth of opportunities for children to discover, explore and extend their natural talents. Our forest school provision offers a magical world of discovery. Children learn first-hand about the riches of the natural environment whilst developing important life skills such as team work, problem solving and resilience.  We are a research engaged organisation driving forward the development of innovative education trying to exceed all expectations.

Children have just one childhood; our intention is to provide them with inspirational and unforgettable learning experiences. We place a high value on establishing close links between home and school so that we can work effectively together enabling each child to achieve their full potential.